Finding country profiles in EIU

Open in another browser window to work through this tutorial side by side.

Using this guide

This guide will show you how to use EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) to find country profiles.

This guide has two panels. The left panel contains instructions, and the right panel is where you can practice searching while following the instructions.

- Click on the arrows at the bottom of the left panel to move back and forth in the instructions.

- Use the browser's back button to go back in the right panel.

-- Bring your mouse over the row of lines towards the top right of this panel to quickly access the contents and individual sections of the instructions.

Now click on the right-hand arrow at the bottom of this panel to continue with a guided search.

Go to EIU

1. Click on Databases and Articles
2. Click on Business
3. Click on EIU 

If you're off-campus, you'll need to log on with your PSU credentials at this point.

If you have trouble logging in:
- Contact the PSU Library Reference Desk
- Contact OIT Help Desk at 503-725-HELP or

Search for your country

Use the search box on the main page to enter a country name.

To browse a list of countries covered by EIU, click on "See all countries" listed just below the search box. 

Use the tabs to navigate to all the sections of the report.

Build a report with the EIU data tool

Another feature of EIU is its data tool. Click on Data  Tool under Data in the navigation bar to get started with this tool. 

Follow the steps to build a custom report. Each time you select an option from a menu on the left, click ADD below in order to include that information in your report. At the bottom of the page, click VIEW DATA

More Help

 If you need more help using EIU, please Ask a Librarian.