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Using this Guide

This guide will show you how to use Mintel, a market research reports database that provides in-depth information on consumer products and services, as well as consumer lifestyles.

For First Time Users:

This guide has two panels. The left panel contains instructions on how to use a database, and the right panel is where you can practice with the database in real time, while following the instructions.

Click on the arrows at the bottom of the left panel to move back and forth in the instructions.

Use the browser back/forward button to go back and forth in the right panel.

Bring your mouse over the row of lines towards the top right of this panel to quickly access the contents and individual sections of the instructions.

Now click on the right-hand arrow below to continue with a guided search.

Get Started

To access Mintel, go to the screen on the right, and:

1. Click on Databases and Articles
2. Click on Business
3. Click on Mintel.

If you're off-campus, you'll need to log on with your PSU credentials at this point.

Does your screen look like this now?

If you have trouble logging in,



The information in Mintel is considered so valuable that you have to click to accept their conditions of use every time you use this database. Scroll to the bottom of the page to click I Agree.


Browse Categories

Once in Mintel, bring your mouse over Category Overview (towards the top) to browse reports by SECTOR, THEME, and DEMOGRAPHIC.

Search by Keyword

You can also search by product or service (e.g., craft beer or camping), brand (e.g., Minute Maid),  company (e.g., Toyota), or other keywords (e.g., college students).

The database will often suggest specific reports when you start typing in the search box.  Clicking on suggested reports will display the report.

If you ignore report suggestions, you will get results that cover not only reports, but also Insights and News (shorter analyses).

Search Results

When you look at your search results, find a balance between relevance and currency. 

Under Refine By on the left, you can further narrow the results down by various criteria.  For example, you can limit results to only Reports. 

Navigate a Report

To display the content of reports, click on the report title.  The default view is the entire report.

The PDFs towards the top under the heading Download are report highlights and quick summaries.

If you want to see content related to a specific topic (e.g., kids), you can click on Search this report and do a keyword search.

Searching a report will give you search results where you get only sections that have your keywords, and keywords will also be highlighted:

To find out more about what each report section covers, see this 1-page PDF guide

Export Content

You cannot download the entire report in one click. You can only view one section of a report at a time.

However, you can combine several sections and download them into one single Word document. Click on the "Export to basket" button in each section of the report that you want to combine.

When you are done, click on EXPORT BASKET on the upper right hand side of the page:

To export/view the sections in one document, click on "download rtf".

More Tips

Experiment with different keywords/synonyms.

Find related information even if there isn't a dedicated report on your topic.  For example, if you are working on "sustainability consulting for restaurants," information on "green consumers" could be informative.

Think about your potential customers and check out lifestyles under SECTOR or DEMOGRAPHICS (e.g., Mothers).

Good luck with Mintel! For more help, Ask a Librarian!